Keep Learning, Keep Playing

Twenty four hours each day.  We’ve all been doled out 24 hours.  Crossing time zones may alter that, but generally speaking, we’ve all got the same amount of time. This may seem really obvious.  Unless you’re 18 years old. Or 34. Or 56. Or 88.  Or all the ages between all the ages. Our perceptionsContinue reading “Keep Learning, Keep Playing”

Works in Progress!

There’s so much to know! Social Media….involves an awful lot of learning! While simultaneously making improvements to many pages, learning to do Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories, posting photographs, watermarking with Snapseed, changing the name of my Etsy store, and making things for future retreats… I think it’s about time for a workshop! And to updateContinue reading “Works in Progress!”

One Step at a Time…or All at Once?

“Patience. Patience.  One step at a time.”   Probably said by the tortoise to the hare.  Had I competed in their race, I would have run with the hare in my youth,  yet in aging, I might occasionally check in with the tortoise.   It is with aging wisdom I see the value of aContinue reading “One Step at a Time…or All at Once?”

Moving forward in life can be intimidating. So often, too many paths, no paths, or paths to nowhere lie ahead, and we feel “stuck”. We have choices. We really do. It’s time to don the “thinking cap”. It’s time to study yourself…and honor the path you’ve already walked. It’s time to restore.