Keep Learning, Keep Playing

Twenty four hours each day.  We’ve all been doled out 24 hours.  Crossing time zones may alter that, but generally speaking, we’ve all got the same amount of time.

This may seem really obvious.  Unless you’re 18 years old. Or 34. Or 56. Or 88.  Or all the ages between all the ages.

Our perceptions of time vary, based on our own schedules, our frame of mind, our mental and physical health.  Time when we hurt passes more slowly than time we have laughing with friends.  Traumatic events seem to stop time, or void time completely.  The most joyous events of life seem to be specks on the timelines of our lives.

Yet, we are gifted 24 hours, each day.

Who decides where your hours are spent?  Your minutes?  Your years? It may seem that our time is often at the behest of others.  Employers, perhaps.  Family members. Friends who need us.  Yet, who gets to choose?  To set the boundaries for YOU…and for your time?

These, my friends, are the lessons we learn and forget throughout life. The lessons that seem so obvious, but become blurry as years pass.  Habits become established, and routines are not often varied.  Our surroundings may become too familiar, or isolation cages us.  Business and obligation become an exhausting cycle.

Do you remember a time of joy in life?  Maybe…just maybe…that child that was “you” is STILL you.  Could it be, that as your body has aged, you’ve also allowed your spirit to age?  Could it be, that you have even MORE freedom now than you did in youth?

It’s time to make your grown-up choices, isn’t it?  Your moments of joy will always alternate with lesser exciting moments.  I encourage you to spend some time remembering what fills you with joy.

Schedule those activites on your calender, before you schedule the draining activities.  Get up an hour earlier, or change how you spend your lunch hour.  Listen to something different…or to silence…on your drive to work.  Make Sundays sacred, again.  Read poetry.  Plan a camping trip.  Fill your planner with names of the people whose lives are most important to you.

Do whatever floats your boat…and blame no one for the attitude you choose when you help someone else float theirs.  Because your youthful attitude need not match the age of the body that holds YOU within.

What’s on your list, kid?


Published by Liz

Helping others help themselves, through creative community, camping and Christ...because, your attitude determines your altitude. Fly high, friends!

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