Choose Wisely

Indeed, many people would disagree with the sentiments of my photograph. Online reminders to “Be Kind” continue to show up, as “not everyone enjoys this time of year.”

Frankly, I think that statement could be made in ANY season. Grief, sad memories, lonliness and depression are facts of life daily for many people. Which is why our kindness matters each day.

When it’s difficult for us to “spread the love”, it’s important to remember one of the best gifts we’ve all been given: FREE WILL. The ability to choose.

When we appreciate each breath we take, and choose GRATITUDE in all circumstances, we actually take better care of ourselves spiritually, if not physically.

When our Spirit thrives, we use free will to choose a better attitude. When we choose goodness, sharing it with others in “thought, word, and deed” comes as a natural result.

“Easier said than done.” Again, another trite comment I hear often. Which is why more things seem to be said than done. Which is why I suggest DOING something, instead of merely talking about something good. One minute of taking time to do something for free, which inspires you, can affect and cheer everyone around you! It’s the difference between “sound mind” and “lost your mind”. It involves a moment of introspection, and possibly a writing instrument.

Are you making wise choices about your attitude, throughout the year?

Does your gratitude for the gift of life outweigh your anguish as you live it?

And the biggest question of all:

Do you know what brings JOY to YOUR soul?

I challenge you to think about and record your top five RIGHT NOW:

  1. ______________
  2. ______________
  3. ______________
  4. ______________
  5. ______________

Was that too easy?

Did you take your heart into consideration?

It’s waaaay too easy for us to name our dissatisfactions, and announce them freely. Let’s encourage each other to live with a consciousness of our own JOY. In doing so, we may heap it upon others, and bring Joy to the World.

Choose to celebrate…even the difficult parts. Memorialize, honor, and rest – in celebration of those known, loved, and adored. Choose wisely, with love in your heart, and kindness in your motives and actions.

My best to you, in all seasons.


Published by Soulitude U, LLC

Nutshell version: I pray a lot and play with art supplies. Big nut version: Still a kid inside, who sees cool things and photographs them. Often, those cool things are my own relatives, friends, and random smiling faces; sometimes, architectural details, repetitious design patterns, and my own collection of creative chaos and joy. A life of relocation and travel, sights and gatherings became a life of quiet solitude upon my early retirement from the airline industry. The transition opened my eyes to new discoveries, through introspection, observation and brave steps into the world of supportive connections through creativity. I was not "soul searching" when I happened upon "Brave Girl University" - I had found a class offered there, called "Life Restoration", which was about goal setting, and directing one's own steps. I enjoyed it so well, that I then took the online "Legacy Soul Restoration", though I didn't actually know what it was about. Before I even finished, I had emailed them to ask if they'd be certifying teachers - because the content needed to be passed on to others. The irony that they were in the midst of certifying their first group of instructors is not lost on me. Nor is the fact that I'd never taught anything before, yet felt so compelled to do this. So...I went to Brave Girl of the last ones at which Soul Restoration was taught - and then I went to Certified Instructor Training...and now, it is we "CI's" who teach Soul Restoration Live, and I still feel purpose-driven to share the goodness of it, through my own business of retreats and workshops, guessed it: Soulitude U, LLC or "Soulitude U".

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