Comfort and Joy

What’s in a name? So much, friends, so much. Just ask anyone who attempts to spell mine! Though many new business owners use their given name as their web address, I named mine Soulitude U for so many reasons! One reason being…I find myself on my own, quite a bit, and tend to try things by myself, before asking for the help of others – even when I need it.

So much is in a name, that I specifically name each retreat and workshop I plan. My very first one, at which I was helped by my dear sister…who knew I’d swirl down the drain of “over-thinking” if I didn’t just “pick a date and do it!” We called it “A Petite Retreat”, as it was a small group, all of whom took a piece of their day to “get away from it all” and enjoy some peaceful crafty time with others.

…and the name was just right. They made “truth cards”, and laughed, and drank tea from my Grandma’s china tea cups…we all enjoyed our afternoon.

…and then everybody returned home.

Some time later,  I had my first meet ups to make Soul Books .   I didn’t name those gatherings, but will likely do so in the future.  Most recently, I hosted my first full retreat, which was named:featuring Soul Restoration , a curriculum by Brave-Living founder, Melody Ross. (You can read more about them by clicking the blue words, as you probably figured out already.). As the name suggested, they gave me Grace, and I gave them Peace. (In the form of a hand towel..monogrammed with the word “Peace.”). I have an idea that they left with more than that, though…and wonderful connections were made, as we all made discoveries……through conversation, journaling, relatively simple crafting….good food, warm hospitality, and multimedia presentations, with a few quotes and poems thrown in for good measure…we all left with newly discovered comfort and joy.  And there you have it! The name of my next retreat!

Comfort and Joy. February 15-19, 2018. Evansville, Indiana.

Now, you go “Be the Light”!  XOXOECPC

Published by Liz

Helping others help themselves, through creative community, camping and Christ...because, your attitude determines your altitude. Fly high, friends!

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