Keep Learning, Keep Playing

Twenty four hours each day.  We’ve all been doled out 24 hours.  Crossing time zones may alter that, but generally speaking, we’ve all got the same amount of time.

This may seem really obvious.  Unless you’re 18 years old. Or 34. Or 56. Or 88.  Or all the ages between all the ages.

Our perceptions of time vary, based on our own schedules, our frame of mind, our mental and physical health.  Time when we hurt passes more slowly than time we have laughing with friends.  Traumatic events seem to stop time, or void time completely.  The most joyous events of life seem to be specks on the timelines of our lives.

Yet, we are gifted 24 hours, each day.

Who decides where your hours are spent?  Your minutes?  Your years? It may seem that our time is often at the behest of others.  Employers, perhaps.  Family members. Friends who need us.  Yet, who gets to choose?  To set the boundaries for YOU…and for your time?

These, my friends, are the lessons we learn and forget throughout life. The lessons that seem so obvious, but become blurry as years pass.  Habits become established, and routines are not often varied.  Our surroundings may become too familiar, or isolation cages us.  Business and obligation become an exhausting cycle.

Do you remember a time of joy in life?  Maybe…just maybe…that child that was “you” is STILL you.  Could it be, that as your body has aged, you’ve also allowed your spirit to age?  Could it be, that you have even MORE freedom now than you did in youth?

It’s time to make your grown-up choices, isn’t it?  Your moments of joy will always alternate with lesser exciting moments.  I encourage you to spend some time remembering what fills you with joy.

Schedule those activites on your calender, before you schedule the draining activities.  Get up an hour earlier, or change how you spend your lunch hour.  Listen to something different…or to silence…on your drive to work.  Make Sundays sacred, again.  Read poetry.  Plan a camping trip.  Fill your planner with names of the people whose lives are most important to you.

Do whatever floats your boat…and blame no one for the attitude you choose when you help someone else float theirs.  Because your youthful attitude need not match the age of the body that holds YOU within.

What’s on your list, kid?


Works in Progress!

There’s so much to know! Social Media….involves an awful lot of learning!

While simultaneously making improvements to many pages, learning to do Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories, posting photographs, watermarking with Snapseed, changing the name of my Etsy store, and making things for future retreats…

I think it’s about time for a workshop! And to update the blog! And the website!

Too much!

So…I’m taking this opportunity to say:

I’m working on it!

Bit, by bit.

One small step at a time.

Because, I, too, am a “work in progress.”

My next workshop, “She Did It Anyway”, is in the planning stages.

I hope you’ll stay tuned. 🙂

Choose Wisely

Indeed, many people would disagree with the sentiments of my photograph. Online reminders to “Be Kind” continue to show up, as “not everyone enjoys this time of year.”

Frankly, I think that statement could be made in ANY season. Grief, sad memories, lonliness and depression are facts of life daily for many people. Which is why our kindness matters each day.

When it’s difficult for us to “spread the love”, it’s important to remember one of the best gifts we’ve all been given: FREE WILL. The ability to choose.

When we appreciate each breath we take, and choose GRATITUDE in all circumstances, we actually take better care of ourselves spiritually, if not physically.

When our Spirit thrives, we use free will to choose a better attitude. When we choose goodness, sharing it with others in “thought, word, and deed” comes as a natural result.

“Easier said than done.” Again, another trite comment I hear often. Which is why more things seem to be said than done. Which is why I suggest DOING something, instead of merely talking about something good. One minute of taking time to do something for free, which inspires you, can affect and cheer everyone around you! It’s the difference between “sound mind” and “lost your mind”. It involves a moment of introspection, and possibly a writing instrument.

Are you making wise choices about your attitude, throughout the year?

Does your gratitude for the gift of life outweigh your anguish as you live it?

And the biggest question of all:

Do you know what brings JOY to YOUR soul?

I challenge you to think about and record your top five RIGHT NOW:

  1. ______________
  2. ______________
  3. ______________
  4. ______________
  5. ______________

Was that too easy?

Did you take your heart into consideration?

It’s waaaay too easy for us to name our dissatisfactions, and announce them freely. Let’s encourage each other to live with a consciousness of our own JOY. In doing so, we may heap it upon others, and bring Joy to the World.

Choose to celebrate…even the difficult parts. Memorialize, honor, and rest – in celebration of those known, loved, and adored. Choose wisely, with love in your heart, and kindness in your motives and actions.

My best to you, in all seasons.


Comfort and Joy

What’s in a name? So much, friends, so much. Just ask anyone who attempts to spell mine! Though many new business owners use their given name as their web address, I named mine Soulitude U for so many reasons! One reason being…I find myself on my own, quite a bit, and tend to try things by myself, before asking for the help of others – even when I need it.

So much is in a name, that I specifically name each retreat and workshop I plan. My very first one, at which I was helped by my dear sister…who knew I’d swirl down the drain of “over-thinking” if I didn’t just “pick a date and do it!” We called it “A Petite Retreat”, as it was a small group, all of whom took a piece of their day to “get away from it all” and enjoy some peaceful crafty time with others.

…and the name was just right. They made “truth cards”, and laughed, and drank tea from my Grandma’s china tea cups…we all enjoyed our afternoon.

…and then everybody returned home.

Some time later,  I had my first meet ups to make Soul Books .   I didn’t name those gatherings, but will likely do so in the future.  Most recently, I hosted my first full retreat, which was named:featuring Soul Restoration , a curriculum by Brave-Living founder, Melody Ross. (You can read more about them by clicking the blue words, as you probably figured out already.). As the name suggested, they gave me Grace, and I gave them Peace. (In the form of a hand towel..monogrammed with the word “Peace.”). I have an idea that they left with more than that, though…and wonderful connections were made, as we all made discoveries……through conversation, journaling, relatively simple crafting….good food, warm hospitality, and multimedia presentations, with a few quotes and poems thrown in for good measure…we all left with newly discovered comfort and joy.  And there you have it! The name of my next retreat!

Comfort and Joy. February 15-19, 2018. Evansville, Indiana.

Now, you go “Be the Light”!  XOXOECPC

One Step at a Time…or All at Once?

“Patience. Patience.  One step at a time.”  

Probably said by the tortoise to the hare.  Had I competed in their race, I would have run with the hare in my youth,  yet in aging, I might occasionally check in with the tortoise.   It is with aging wisdom I see the value of a steady pace.  I’m also learning the great value of focus. 

Having a creative mind, and infinite interests is a wonderfully confusing gift.  When focused on “The Greater Good”, in the “right” direction, creative interests intersect with purpose…and new possiblities and ideas can seem overwhelming.  They seem to hit all at once – as the hare jumps, rather than as an occasional step by Mr. Tortoise.  

Daily, I’m learning to appreciate the skills and tenacity of business people…especially of those in the creative world.  Just as I empathize with non-creatives who are braving art classes.  It can be painful to attempt something that just isn’t in your own comfort zone.  

Finding strength takes fortitude.  Awareness of weakness often feels like failure.  In fact, everyone has both…and it’s only when we compare, that our emotions mess with our sense if self.  

“More than.”

  “Less than.”

 Rarely, if ever: “Equal to.”

Our labels — “Tortoise” or “Hare”, “Underwater Basket Weaver” or “Lofty Sky Goddess”, “The Muffin Man”, or “Adventuresome Ace” – leave out a bazillion other talents and gifts, appropriate to EACH of us! Most good, some not so good, but all things we can choose to step into….or jump into. All at once.  

Or, step out of. Or jump out of. If necessary.

So, as I write, I admit to being distracted by the fun creative things, when my focus need sto be on the business end of things this week.  I know myself:  I will accomplish it all, but I’d prefer to get it all done WELL, and RIGHT, while taking care of my being.  And reminding myself that, indeed, I am loved.  So, in fact, are YOU.  And we all deserve Grace and Peace as we do as much as possible today, with what we have.

Today, I offer us all:

Cheers, y’all. 

What Can Love Do?

Today is a very big day. It’s kind of like a birthday…and I feel compelled to explain.  
Today, one of my dearest friends in the whole, wide world, is meeting her biological siblings for the very first time. This is such a great story…a “long-time-coming” story…yet, it’s hers to tell, not mine.  

What I can tell you, is that she is courageous and brave, and I admire her strength. And this story isn’t even really about blood…it’s about relationships, and yearnings of the soul. It’s about people allowing good to come into their lives, when fears abound. It’s about letting go of old stories, and welcoming new ones. It’s about risk of exposure, and knowing that worth and value are gifts…not goals.
It’s about LOVE, people. Consideration. Compassion. Soul. Attitude. And I love this story so much, and am so proud of my friend,and am praying for this to be a beautiful experience for her.  I know that no matter how it all goes, she will have infused laughter and love into the day. That’s just who she is.

Perhaps you also long for connection, or yearn for Grace and Peace …if only you could just “get over yourself”, and your labels. If only you could recognize that, no matter who you know, what you wear, where you work, how well you do things…YOU ARE A SOUL. A beautiful Soul, with a purpose ONLY YOU can accomplish. All your experiences, accolades, mistakes, awards, regrets….all rolled into YOU. If only you really believed that you are “learning, growing and becoming.” Because THEN….Then, you would be okay.  

You, and I, are already okay, just as we are. It’s true. Learning how to live with that truth, and choosing to believe it takes a bit of work. This, is why I teach the Soul Restoration curriculum. It was SO valuable to my understanding of “being enough – as I am”, and SO worth sharing with you. 
My closest family and friends can see through my anxiety, foibles and human imperfections, enough to understand my motives. I’m so fortunate to have those wonderful people around me in spirit, wherever they happen to live. Connection with like-minded souls is vital to my being.
 Today, the good friend I mentioned above, may expand her “inner circle”. She has courage. She has “Soul-itude”. I am soooooo happy for her.
You, Soul, make choices about your attitude, too. Make them wisely, and lovingly, remembering that “Every day is Day One.”  
Happy Birthday, Friends. Today is your day. Gather some people together, and celebrate.