The path of life leads upward for the wise.

As we move forward in establishing our site, consider the direction YOU’re moving.  Are you progressing, or feeling swamped and stagnant…perhaps even stuck?  Isn’t it time to propel yourself forward in your REAL purpose in life?  Time…to restore?

If you’re interested in doing the work, knowing  well that “life’s lessons never end”, yet are aware that when it comes to tackling what life throws at us,  “knowledge is power”, then  Soul Restoration , could be just the course for you.  Your life journey is defined by how you approach crossroads, and which path you choose…well, that’s up to you.

This curriculum, written by Melody Ross, and taught previously at Brave Girl Camp for years, is now taught by certified instructors, like me, who desire to pass along the goodness that has benefited thousands of women, since it debuted. Through Soulitude U, it’s taught at 3-5 day retreats, varying by format, and held at peaceful venues.

Teaching tools include the affirming “Truth Cards” and “She Did It Anyway” Books, which, like several other creative tools such as “Soul Book“, “Decision Maker”, and “Rough Day Book” can also be taught in shorter workshops. Here are descriptions of some of these classes:


We sometimes forget how many choices we make in a day. Our power is in our choices.

In this enlightening and life enriching course, we will learn extremely effective tools for making decisions in our lives, both big and small through asking ourselves a series of questions that help us get to the root of what we really want.

We will be creating beautiful, creative tools to take home and use on a daily basis. We will create a personal and artsy deck of cards that can be put on a ring or made into a small book, each card with a decision making question and the affirmation that goes with it.

This course can also be done as an art journal, each page with a question and affirmation and art that corresponds with it.


In this empowering workshop, we will write the story of what we have overcome in life and how we will choose to guide our life in the future by continuing to climb every mountain and jump over every hurdle to live our dreams.

Every heroic woman has had to overcome adversity, challenges and failures…one common trait in all heroines is that they have all chosen to look their difficulties in the face and move forward toward their purpose anyway.

We will be creating a deck of SHE DID IT ANYWAY® cards, each telling the story of our own difficult challenges, and our resolve to live the life we want to live in spite of our challenges.

This course can also be done as an art journal, each page with a personal SHE DID IT ANYWAY® story and art that corresponds with it.


Everyone has rough days…and often we are not prepared for them when they come.

In this workshop, we will make a “manual” for ourselves for what to do when rough days come. We will gather our favorite words, our favorite songs, our favorite foods and colors and experiences into one place to create the perfect medicine to soothe our souls when we will need it most.

We will be crafting a gorgeous art journal (or box..or both) full of beauty, comfort, peace and goodness that is exquisitely curated for our very own soul.

If you’re interested in finding some of these courses near you, check out the Brave-Living Certified Instructors Local Events page, where you can find our retreat and workshop information…and check it regularly for upcoming events near you!  They’ll be posted as they’re planned!

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